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11/4/22 my first blog post! i'd like to update this every once n a while, as any true blog would do! maybe i'll post my dere luck/opinions lolol.. hmm.. the new onsen lims are okay, kirari is the best but i'm just so mad at the content rotation rn!!!

here's a little about me: my name is venus, i go by she/her,21,may taurus and double leo, interests: idolm@ster (cg & shiny), uma musume, pokemon, video editing, deco, anime no one cares abt (magical play, majokko tsukune, alien nine, yokohama kaidashi), VHS anime OVAs (dragon half, gunbuster, pugyuru), and collecting anything n everything (DVDs, VHS, CDs, playing cards, oshi merch, pokemon cards, keychians, stickers, plsuhies, figures)

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